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The New Communication Medium.

What is Ceem™?

Online video is proving to be a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. Video has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ - if a business is not doing video, they are now behind the competition.

Ceem™ is a personalised video messaging service. It's direct, can be viewed on any device, and creates a deeper brand-to-customer relationship; from their first Ceem™ to their hundredth and beyond, your customers will love watching videos crafted specifically for them.

Why use Ceem™?

The Ceem™ communications platform is an important new tool in your digital armoury. Ceem™'s role is to build awareness and consideration for brands, organisations, and institutions alike.

Applications include:

  1. Personalised new product information
  2. Personalised promotions
  3. Awareness messages from Brand Ambassadors
  4. Exclusive call to action messages
  5. Invitations from retail partners to visit their stores

How does Ceem™ work?

Using Ceem™'s Cerger dashboard, along with our proprietary RDIP device identifier technology, delivering personalised video content has never been easier. Filming is completed with conventional techniques and final content delivery is automated; the next step in your marketing evolution is literally only a few clicks away.