A personalised video message from a real human to thousands or millions...

Video marketing is the #1 method to communicate to customers. CEEM is unique, because it instantly ties each personal video to an individual name in a database.

When we connect your content with the CEEM patented personal video messaging platform, we achieve greater reach, better engagement and more cut-through to every type of audience.


About Ceem

CEEM  (www.ceem.com) is a privately owned UK company with a truly innovative personalised video messaging platform that transforms the way brands and organisations can “rehumanise engagement” with their target audience – internally or externally – to thousands or millions.

With European and Indian patents granted and published, CEEM makes authentic, personal video messaging easy, cost-effective and highly measurable with proven performance.

The Market


Globally there were estimated to be approximately 212.98 million

SMEs worldwide in 2020 –  statista.com: Sep 30, 2021


LinkedIn’s expanded from a networking site for professionals to one of the top social media platforms with more than 740 million active users in 2020 – Linkedin Business highlights: Jan 27, 2021


Global adspend will grow by 5.6% to US$620bn in 2021 Total Available Market (TAM). In 2022, adspend will grow by 5.2% to reach US$652bn, exceeding 2019 by US$18bn, though it will be about US$70bn lower than it would have been if it had remained on its pre-pandemic track.  – Zenith Optimedia :December 2020


European-wide  P0385/CMO/R-EP – ”Personal Video Generating & Delivery” –published Dec 2019

India 9320/CHENP/2012 –”Personal Video Generating & Delivery” –  published March 2021

Our Mobile App

With CEEM, you are now in control of your own dashboard that allows you to create personalised video campaigns and engage your audience directly. Your dashboard gives you the tools to create amazing campaigns. You can upload you contact details and film yourself! You can then use your videos or edit them. Once happy with your videos you are ready to send out straight to your customer database. All you have to do is follow the simple STEP BY STEP instructions to get you up and running. If at any point you need assistance, watch the helper videos or contact us here.

Strategic Partners

Added value specialist support

CEEM’s strategic partners have specific specialisms and knowledge in certain areas of CEEM marketing and work as an added value resource for our clients and agencies, across all global locations.

With Strivemindz, you gain access to the most effective IT solutions, and you build feature-rich, interactive, and functional mobile apps for startups, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. We specialize in full-service hybrid development, including coding, UX or UI design, requirements gathering, testing, and product maintenance. Moreover, we provide our customers with the best support services to build quality-rich and fully featured applications.

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Two Fresh
Hi! We’re Two Fresh.
Our expertise lies in bringing your stories to life with video production and animation. We marry this up with well thought out digital and marketing campaigns in London in order to reach and communicate with your intended audiences.
If you would like some advice or a quote on a project, please feel free to leave your details and one of our London Producers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

BBN, the world’s B2B agency, is different. As business owners ourselves, we use our entrepreneurial approach to connect and understand your business. Our proven, bespoke end-to-end methodology delivered by experienced agile teams can only be truly effective for your business because our people are interdependent and genuinely connected. As a result, your marketing gets a creative, data-driven solution, that delivers global relevance with local impact. Our input in building your brand value gives you your success. It’s a totally new way of thinking about B2B marketing and will transform your business.


CIEDA is a non-profit that offers inclusive creative and marketing services across digital, video, audio and print media. We specialise in supporting non-profits and charities however our clients include likeminded brands who are also driven by the desire to be more socially inclusive and aspire to shape their organisations to become true inclusive environments.

Please contact: James Wheeler
Creative Director

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By delivering products and technologies with purpose, in a way that creates shared wealth

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