The “CEEM” personal video messaging platform
connects the world

Combining the colour and movement of video with directly targeted e-mails at scale.
CEEM uniquely ties each personal video to an individual name in a database
of thousands or even millions.

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Why ceem?

Digital technology continues to connect the world, but it is increasingly impersonal.


Too much noise, choice and distractions.


Lack of true engagement, conversions and Brand identity are creating an environment that consumers find hard to trust.


Video marketing is the #1 method to communicate to customers. CEEM is unique, because it instantly ties each personal video to an individual name in a database. When we connect your content with the CEEM patented personal video messaging platform, we achieve greater reach, better engagement and more cut-through to every type of audience.

See It In Action

Personalised Video

The patented ceem technology stitches together video assets effortlessly to deliver high-impact, on brand, messages personalised for each contact in your target audience.


Our personal video messaging platform is device-agnostic and equally effective via email or text message, depending on your overarching communications strategy.

Proven Metrics

Our bespoke Analytics platform enables proven tracking of all metrics. Please contact us for more details.

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